Our Class II Landfill at our Breton Waste Management Facility is now open! The landfill is managed and operated by RemedX Remediation Services and it is part of the RemedX Waste Management Facility, located near Breton, 95 kilometers southwest of Edmonton.

Accepting industrial and non-DOW oilfield wastes:
• Contaminated soil
• Drilling mud solids/cuttings
• Construction & demolition wastes
• Site remediation/reclamation materials
• Non-hazardous industrial wastes

Advantages of the Breton Class II Landfill:
• Immediate highway access for year-round unimpeded access to the facility
• High grade all-weather roads throughout the facility for minimized turn around time
• Large constructed truck staging area to minimize congestion
• Opportunity to integrate our environmental consulting services in waste management

For information on waste acceptance, the facility and rates, contact facilities@remedx.net.